Hey! If you need help...

-> The Game only works on computer!
-> It is a free game.
-> 2 players are required.
-> Only one registration has to be made by the two players. (ONLY 1)
-> You will need your mobile phone at some point (Local call).
-> Spoilers are prohibited (don't tell anything about the game)

If you still need help because you have not managed to move forward ..,
you can
download the following file ... in it you will find the clues.

If still nothing .. you can send us an email.

*** Data Protection ***

The email collected at the beginning of the game will be deleted at the end of the game, or failing that within 24 hours of registration, so we do not save any personal data of any player.
All other systems involved in the game do not keep any logs.
If you need any other clarification you can contact us by email.